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Nowa seria ECO. Bardzo dobra cena, Duże pojemności, BMS na pokładzie. 12V 100Ah // 12V 200Ah // 12V 300Ah. Nowe akumulatory miały swoją premierę podczas Live`u na kanale youtube u Mr Akumulatora


Product Catalog

We invite you to download our catalog (in pdf format), where you will find our products, additional information about connections, a description of LiFePO4 technology, and many other details.

Download our product catalog (pdf)

LiFePO4 12V Batteries

Yacht, camper, building, industrial machines – high-performance and durable batteries.

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LiFePO4 Chargers

full range of battery chargers LiFePO4

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Balancers 24V

Connect your batteries in series to ensure their maximum lifespan

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Measurement Devices

Meters with displays used for testing the parameters of all our batteries.

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Energy Storages

Energy storage in residential buildings, commercial buildings, service buildings, offices, workplaces, and factories is a solution that enables the storage of green, free solar energy.

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BMS (Battery Management System) is a proprietary solution designed for managing energy storage systems.

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We are a technology and trading company. Our team consists of experienced specialists in LiFePO₄ technology. In our five years in the market, we have delivered solutions for energy storage to over 1000 customers. We specialize in lithium-ion batteries, primarily those based on LiFePO4 cells. Our products are known for their reliability, high quality, and significantly extended lifespan, distinguishing us prominently in the national market. With our in-house service and research and development laboratory, we can provide full warranty and post-warranty service, swiftly identifying any operational discrepancies in our devices. Additionally, we ensure that the lifespan parameters we provide come from our laboratory data and are not just information relayed by the manufacturer, as is the case with some suppliers.

If you are looking for reliable energy storage solutions that can serve you for years, we invite you to explore our offerings and initiate a collaboration!


Thanks to our experience, we create high-quality products for you, characterized by a lifespan unavailable from other suppliers in the domestic market.


In contrast to many manufacturers and suppliers, we provide you with comprehensive service support, both warranty and post-warranty.


As one of the few manufacturers in the country, we offer LiFePO₄ batteries with a lifespan of up to 6000 cycles, depending on the intensity of discharging and charging. This means that you will be able to use our products with satisfaction for even several years after the purchase.


We operate our own research and development laboratory, allowing us to test the products we offer.


In five years on the market, we have already delivered our products to over 1000 satisfied customers.


• Kon-TEC batteries are one-third lighter and provide greater power delivery than traditional lead-acid, gel, or AGM batteries. • Fast charging with low energy losses. High energy efficiency is ensured by very high efficiency (approximately 99%).

.• 100% current regardless of the discharge level. In the case of lead-acid batteries, this is no more than 60% of the declared capacity.

• Very high lifespan - up to 6000 cycles. For comparison, a lead-acid battery typically withstands only about 200-300 cycles (full charge and discharge).

• Performance gain. Thanks to high durability, LiFePO4 batteries show a 2x lower cost per unit of energy compared to GEL batteries.


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