About Us


We are a technology and trading company. Our team consists of experienced specialists in LiFePO₄ technology. 


During our seven years in the market, we have provided energy storage solutions to over 1000 customers. We specialize in lithium-ion batteries, primarily those based on LiFePO₄ cells.

Our products are characterized by reliability, high quality, and significantly extended lifespan, setting us apart significantly from domestic competition. With our in-house service and research and development laboratory, we can provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service, swiftly identifying any operational discrepancies in our devices.

Furthermore, we ensure that the lifespan parameters we provide come from our laboratory data and are not just information relayed by the manufacturer, as is the case with some suppliers.

High-Quality Products: We offer LiFePO₄ batteries with a lifespan of up to 6000 cycles, depending on the intensity of discharging and charging.

Over 1000 Satisfied Customers: In five years on the market, we have delivered our products to over 1000 satisfied customers.

Over 5 Years in the Market: Thanks to our experience, we create high-quality products for you, characterized by very high lifespan, setting us apart in the market.

Research and Development Laboratory: We operate our own research and development laboratory, allowing us to test the products we offer before they reach our customers.

In-House Service: In contrast to many manufacturers and suppliers, we provide you with full-service support—both warranty and post-warranty.

Technical Consultations: Tel: +48 572 001 151

B2B Sales and Support: Tel: +48 572 001 152

B2B Sales: +48 603 765 133

Marketing and B2C Support: Tel: +48 572 001 153

Service: Tel: +48 572 001 154

We also invite you to contact us via email: info@kon-tec.eu

For additional contact information, office address, warehouse location, and a contact form, please visit: https://kon-tec.eu/kontakt

If you are looking for reliable energy storage solutions that can serve you for years, we invite you to explore our offerings and initiate collaboration!




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