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Batteries are energy sources that, over time or due to improper use, may fail, get damaged, or experience a significant decrease in their parameters, affecting their performance and lifespan. If there are any concerns or suspicions about the weakening of the battery, or if you want to check its condition, certain measuring devices can be very useful.

Measuring devices are tools designed for independent measurement of specific parameters—in this case, meters related to electrical quantities. Among the parameters related to electrical energy, we primarily distinguish between direct and alternating voltage, current, and electrical capacity. With various measuring devices, we can measure energy consumption, as well as the battery's charge level, for example. Some devices allow the simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters using a single, versatile tool.

In the product range of our online store, we offer measuring devices such as the Kon-TEC LiFePO4 coulometer and the Kon-TEC LiFePO4 LCD display. The coulometer is a device for measuring electric charge, covering parameters such as battery voltage, discharge current, power, capacity, charge status, energy, and time. Meanwhile, the LCD display is a device for measuring battery voltage and approximate charge status, expressed as a percentage based on voltage.


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