The inverter is the heart of every photovoltaic installation. It is a mandatory component of the system, without which the electricity generated from solar radiation could not be utilized in the way we expect – to flow into the sockets in our homes, offices, businesses, or farms. Solar panels extract energy from the sun, resulting in direct current (DC). To make use of this energy, we need alternating current (AC). The inverter's task is to convert DC to AC and control the entire installation process.

For efficient and optimal results, it is necessary to properly match the power and input voltage range to the photovoltaic panels. Inverters also perform other tasks, such as monitoring the entire system's operation, synchronizing the photovoltaic installation's activities with the electrical grid, securing the system against failures, and optimizing its performance.

We offer various types of photovoltaic inverters – grid-tied inverters (on-grid), off-grid inverters, and hybrid inverters. These solutions come from renowned manufacturers, ensuring reliability and the highest efficiency. We assess the requirements and select the appropriate inverter parameters to best meet the needs and expectations of the customer, as well as to be tailored to the facility's capabilities.


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