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Charging a single battery is not a problem – there are suitable chargers equipped with special protection systems that operate fully automatically and adapt to the parameters of the specific battery. The situation is somewhat different when it comes to several batteries connected in series. The voltage between them does not always distribute evenly, which can lead to permanent damage and even pose a risk of explosion. To avoid this, a balancer must be used.

Balancers are small devices essential for the correct charging of batteries in a series connection. Their main tasks include protecting individual batteries from voltage increase, ensuring it does not exceed a safe limit. The balancer also maintains each battery at the same voltage level during the charging or discharging process. It's no wonder they are colloquially referred to as voltage equalizers. This simple tool protects the battery's electrical system from overcharging, thereby preventing permanent damage or reduced lifespan. It regularly measures the voltage in all batteries, and in case of voltage differences, transfers energy between batteries to equalize the differences while ensuring optimal voltage, protecting against overcharging and critical discharging.

In our offer, we have Kon-TEC LiFePO4 balancers with various parameters, making it easy to choose the necessary element for a series connection of batteries.


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