Construction and functions

The Battery Dynamic Management System consists of master, slave and gateway modules. Master is a module managing the entire energy storage, which communicates with other modules using an optically separated communication bus. The slave module has a cell voltage, temperature measurement system and an active balancing system based on a DC/DC converter. The gateway module communicates with any external superior system (fleet management/ control/monitoring/SCADA systems). It provides different communication interfaces e.g. Modbus RTU (RS232/485), CAN, etc.



Master module measures the value of current flowing through the main battery rail and battery voltage.



The gateway module acts as an intermediary between the energy storage and the outside world, passing a series of diagnostic and functional data to the superior system.


The diagnostic software enables reading  of operating parameters and information on irregularities of the energy storage from the master module.


Master module communicates with other modules using an optically separated communication bus and is equipped in modbus RTU protocol.


Slave Module

Slave is a single link management module controlled by the master module, while at the same time performing the function of protecting the link against failures.



The user can build an energy storage corresponding to his needs.


Operation Safety

After loss of communication between modules, the slave module can continue active balancing to the last set voltage, go into passive balancing mode or stop the balancing.



By using of slave modules, the system could be easily scalable. The internal communication interface allows for backward compatibility between the modules.



• Maximum Number of Cells: 196​

• Maximum Battery Voltage: 980 V​

• Balancing Current: <500 mA​​

• Modularity, easy adaption​ to any battery size​

• 12 configurable I/O channels,​ micro PLC functions​


  •  Hybrid ​photovoltaic inverters
  •  Hybrid ​photovoltaic systems
  • Energy storage​ devices
  • Electric​ vehicles
  • EV​ stations​​​​​


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